Walls do Talk…

(and so do floors)

By investing in data, you won’t mis-invest in repairs.


What is a FoundationScan™?

It’s like an X-ray for your home.

Our technology is built on the proprietary Benchmark®
system. This process imports data from precise laser measurements, which are then used to create visual representations of your structure’s health each time it’s
scanned. A single scan will accurately display deviations
of floors and walls from their original level (Construction Levels) and flat condition. Repeat scans will display any movement that is actively occurring.

Investment Protection

Accurate data allows for quoting of proper repair services instead of potentially mis-diagnosed issues and unnecessary expenses. It pays for itself by protecting you from overspending.

Resale Value & Buyer Confidence

FoundationScan™ reports on your home provide an accurate history of settlement and wall movement, addressing any concerns a home buyer, realtor, or home inspector might have.


Repeat measurements show ongoing movement and can display repair effectiveness or shortcomings.

Accurate Answers

Precision analysis shows exact movement of your home which can ease fears or help guide you in the proper steps for repair.


FoundationScan™ provides Benchmark® reports that are based on detailed measurements. The measurements cannot be skewed by anyone; giving you peace of mind.

How it works.

Sign up to have your home scanned.

We will assign your home to a certified FoundationScan™ Professional in your area who will contact you within 24 hours to schedule the scan.

It will take approximately one hour to complete the scan, after which the FoundationScan™ Professional will provide you with your report and walk you through the data.

From there you can use that data to get quotes for repairs, submit for an engineering report, or schedule future scans to track ongoing movement.

Don’t just take it from us!

What are our customers saying?

Six years ago, I was walking around my garden and noticed some stair-step cracks in my brick.

I contacted a Benchmark® contractor for a follow up and was elated to learn that the structure had no significant movement since the initial Benchmark® report.

The engineer came back and was able to identify a minor easily correctable problem. I had several contractors suggesting to me that necessary repairs could run into the thousands. Knowledge is power and I am grateful I invested in the Benchmark® reports used by FoundationScan™.

Jan N / Homeowner